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IT Service & Support Awards 2016: Winners Interview

  Q. Tell us a little bit about Retail Assist My name’s Anthony Collings, I’m the Service Desk Manager at Retail Assist. As an organisation we’ve been around since 1999. As the name suggests, predominantly we work with retailers (as well as hospitality operators), and our service desk sits on the Managed Services side

IT Service Week 2016

This year's IT Service Week saw service desks from around the world taking part in some brilliant, fun and wacky activities.

Service Desk Of The Month: Tikit

Find out why October's SDI member featuring as service desk of the month compare their business values to the drive of an Olympian.

A chance encounter: how one University met their match at SDI’s Awards night

Each year we hear some fantastic stories from winners and finalists of the SDI Service & Support Awards, but now and again we find out about something wonderful that happened that night that wasn’t caught in the spotlight or celebrated on stage...