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Submit to be a speaker and reach a global ITSM audience

TFT, Tomorrow’s Future Today, is the world’s first 24-hour, global, follow-the-sun virtual conference where every speaker is paid and elevated to a global stage over night.

TFT14 is LIVE!  We will go on-the-air February 18, 2014 and June 18 2014.

We are looking for speakers from all over the globe to fill one of our coveted 24 sessions in Track one.

Submit to speak today! It’s super quick to submit yourself as a speaker (you can log-in through a social network) and your ideas will reach a global audience!

TFT is less than a year old and we have already broken every record in virtual conference history and all physical conference for Information Technology Service Management (ITSM) social media impression records.

Our speakers are literally catapulted into the limelight overnight.

In June 2013, we had over 60 submissions and only the top 24 with the most votes from their peers were selected. Submit early and get those votes!

Remember all TFT speakers are paid $500.00 and their content is made available in a variety of ways to boost their influence online.


1. I have submitted to speak in the past and wasn’t selected, why should I submit again?

We have got a great deal of feedback from running two conferences. Speakers have been our best source of improving the event and submission process.

For instance, in December 2012, we sorted the speaker voting page by number of votes.

This kept the speakers with the highest votes at the top. In June 2013, we moved the page order to be organized alphabetically, which helped the diversity of our speakers. And for the upcoming conference, we’re giving applicants an even better chance of getting picked.

For 2014 we are taking the top 24 speakers in February and then keeping the CURRENT speakers for June 2014.

That means, if you are NOT selected in February you are rolled into June 2014 with all your current votes!

2. Can TFT actually help my career?

This is the most amazing thing about TFT. We’re people-centered and promote people. Out of the 48 original TFT speakers, 90% of them now have new positions, higher salaries and greater reach in their network.

TFT does this by using the network effect of a connected community and then working with speakers to use their material to build their own body of work.

In essence we turn your content, into a platform for you and your ideas.

3. My job won’t let me collect payment for speaking or share content in this manner!

TFT has many options to help you work with your employer. We can donate your proceeds to charity, have your content put into a track just for your employer or even have you be a “guide” so that you are just helping during one of our eight hour regions.

4. What’s new in TFT14? 

TFT14 is about to announce some very major new sponsors and new features. We can give you a sneak peek now! TFT14 is considering a platform switch, which means that we may not be use Google Hangouts! Additionally, we’ll be working closely with new mediums to distribute content.

NEW AUDIENCES – TFT is excited to be working with World AIDS Day and the Global Microsoft Sharepoint community to bring content to their communities!

5. I’m afraid I won’t be selected and I don’t want to waste my time again!

TFT14 has two different conferences. February and June. If you don’t make it into February you will be rolled into June.

6. I don’t think my content is long enough or well-rounded enough to make the grade with the speakers at TFT.

Unlike traditional physical conferences, your ability to get access, get paid and get noticed is not limited. We have no committees judging you, no process or tracks to force you into. If you want to present 30 minutes on your summer vacation, that is GREAT! There are no time limits for speaking, no deadlines to finish your content and most importantly NO TOPIC guidelines. It’s your content, your network, it’s all about you. So, stop doubting yourself and ideas, and start reaching a new, wider, global audience today by submitting to be a speaker!

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