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I guess that many of you reading this now are nodding – it’s a consistent gripe that IT recruiters don’t deliver. After sending through a few unsuitable CVs you don’t get anything decent, that they really don’t understand what you’re looking for and are just a bunch of cowboys.

Has it ever crossed your mind that you – the client – could be contributing to these poor service levels and that your lack of satisfaction could be partly your own fault?

There’s something seriously wrong with the current IT recruitment model and both parties are to blame. You, the hiring client, send your jobs to multiple agencies and we, the recruiters, accept the roles on a contingent basis and in competition with a number of other agencies. And it sometimes gets bloody!

I fully understand why you would do this:

• Recruiters will be competing with each other, so they will be forced to give you more bang for your buck to stay on top
• You believe you’ll be getting a wider variety of candidates
• Because we let you…most recruitment agencies don’t have the courage to tell you why this model won’t work for you.

Well, I’m going to be brave and tell you why you definitely should reconsider this model.

1) You won’t get more value for money as you perceive. In effect, when you give your role to 5 different recruiters to work, you are allocating just 20% of your commitment to each relationship. So what makes you think you will get 100% back? Played all players off against each and negotiated the price down? Welcome to the world in which your role gets far less attention than that belonging to the client who is paying a sensible margin. £299 fixed fee recruitment? Well, you know what they say about peanuts and monkeys? All you’re inviting us to do here is a rush job.

2) In reality only 5% of the IT workforce is ever actively looking for a new job at any one time and it is they who respond to advertising that your five agencies will place. So your recruiters will all be chasing a small number of the same candidates, giving you the problems of duplicate CVs to manage and the danger of a bad reputation in the market, as candidates are naturally dubious about roles that several different agencies approach them about at the same time. Beginning to sound like a nightmare?

3) No experienced IT recruiter worth their salt will spend time and effort on alternative resourcing strategies such as head hunting, networking or social media to coax out that elusive passive candidate if the return doesn’t justify the time and skills expended, so you’re back with the monkeys who hit the spot more often by luck than judgement.

If you understand this, you will equally understand why a skilled IT recruiter will ask to handle the role exclusively, at least for a period of time. So that all parties may give 100% commitment to achieving the very best candidate the entire market has to offer for that role.

By conducting your IT recruitment activity in this way, you will ensure you receive a superb level of service. Give it a try – you’ll be pleasantly surprised.

Keith Wilkins
Avocet Strategic Resourcing

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