How To Be An Effective Leader In A Management Position

by Jeff Watson

Leadership can be a tricky thing, and not everyone is cut out to be in management. But if you’ve recently been promoted or feel your leadership skills could use some brushing up, it’s important to sit down and figure out what your goals are. There are several important characteristics that a good leader must have to be effective in any field and to earn the respect of coworkers and employees alike, and there are some simple ways to achieve them if you know where to start.

Here are some of the best tips on how you can create your own management style and be an effective leader.


One of the most important things a leader does is listen to her group. If your team of employees feels comfortable coming to you with concerns and ideas, everyone will work together much more smoothly and will actually enjoy coming to work every day. You might consider taking a class in communications at the local community college just to brush up on your knowledge on how to listen, how to take criticism, and how to get your ideas across effectively.

Don’t micromanage

If you have a group of employees working under you, it’s important to delegate responsibility to see who can handle which tasks and how they deal with pressure and deadlines. It may be tempting to have a hand in everything yourself, but micromanaging will only show your people that you don’t trust them. Give up a little bit of control and allow your team to show you what they can do.

This is also a great way to get more women and under-represented groups into higher positions within your company. When you ensure that everyone in your company is being given the chance to do their best work, your success will grow and grow.


One of the key things a leader has to know how to do is communicate. Find the best ways to get information across to your team and put them into action. It might be weekly meetings, newsletters, memos, emails, or conference calls, but whatever it is, make sure your employees find it helpful and are able to utilize those tools daily.

Let them know you’re there

The only thing worse than a manager who takes over every job is one who is never around. Let your team know you’re there for them when things get incredibly busy by jumping in and taking over a task or two. If they’re working late hours, you stay late as well. Show them that you’re part of the team rather than a taskmaster.

Make the workplace fun

As long as everyone gets their work done, there’s no reason why work can’t be fun too. Make the workplace a nice place to be and you’ll avoid high turnover rates, because your employees will want to come in every day and be a part of the family. Hold contests among the employees to see who can sell the most of a certain item, give bonuses as much as possible, and treat them with a pizza day now and then after a long week of hard work.

Author: Jeff Watson,

Jeff Watson is passionate about mathematics. He strives to help people relate numbers and equations to their daily lives to get a better understanding of the world. He started DataRangers to make educational resources easy to find and access.

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