Let’s Not Forget the People

Don't Forget The People

Like many of you, I’m sure, I’ve started the New Year reading the many predictions for our industry for 2012.

In Business Computing World’s Top 5 IT Issues that the New Year Brings, Patrick Bolger writes that one of the top 5 issues will be passwords. Often the greatest bugbear of IT users, password related issues cause around 30% of all IT help desk calls.

Fast forward a few a years from now and according to IBM because of the use of “multifactor biometrics”, smart systems will be able to use retina scans and other personal information in real-time to make sure whenever someone is attempting to access your information, it matches your unique biometric profile. This technological advancement will bring its own set of unique challenges for IT support.

In Stephen Mann’s blog entitled ‘Top 10 IT Service Management Challenges For 2012: More Emphasis On The “Service” And The “Management”’ Stephen lists nine key challenges – from Cloud to Agility – with the tenth challenge being “Survival”. The Survival Challenge is making sure challenges 1-9 are addressed, and the failure to address the demands and issues across the full spectrum of challenges will put the internal I&O organization at risk of extinction. It is in many ways, a Darwinian “survival of the fittest” scenario, it’s time to “adapt or die.”

What struck me as I was reading these and the many other articles on what 2012 will bring for our industry, was that the ‘people’ element seemed to be missing. The very core that ensures the new technologies are integrated to meet the needs of the business or that rise to the challenge of ‘survival’ are the people.

If the culture of your organisation encourages a positive attitude, energy, commitment, openness, teamwork and a constant appreciation of the need to improve and meet changing business needs, and are empowered to deliver a quality service, then you are on you way to tackling the challenges that 2012 will bring.

As only by ensuring you manage and lead as necessary, promote and advocate a consistent approach to service excellence and focus on whatever is required of you to ensure your team are productive, motivated, engaged, knowledgeable and who choose to ‘bring the right attitude’ to work every day will you be able to not only “survive” but “thrive” in 2012 and beyond.

As I was writing this I was reminded of a recent trip through Gatwick airport, where a passenger was stuck in the retina scanner at passport control, with the automated message demanding the passenger move to your left, move to your right, move back, move forward – you get the picture. The passenger was stuck for well over 5 minutes (but for what must have seemed like an eternity), and I found myself wondering just how much that passenger would have given at that point in time to be able to talk to an empathetic , customer service support person, who could instantly resolve their ‘problem’.

So I’ll end at the beginning, let’s not forget the people …

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