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On 23 January 2014 we ran a webinar to tackle issues around morale and productivity on the service desk with SDI’s Director of Professional Services David Wright and SDI founder Howard Kendall.  You can watch the recording of the webinar below – it was a really interactive session with listeners getting involved in a poll and posting questions for the presenters throughout.  With so many questions coming in it wasn’t possible to get to them all during the webinar so David and Howard kindly agreed to answer those afterwards and send them back to the listeners.  There were some great comments that came from these that we’re sure could help other service desk leaders tackling morale issues – you’ll find all the questions asked by listeners, along with David and Howard’s answers, posted below the webinar video.

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Webinar Questions & Answers

[The first two were answered during the webinar – watch the recording for the full answers]

Q:Can you advise best ways to motivate staff who work in Government environment – no money, no time, low morale…

A: We talked about getting the team involved to think innovatively about what would suit them and the environment. Remove the money aspect and think around the barriers.

Q: If you are a service desk agent, what’s the shortest way to be a team leader?

A: Every great team needs leaders. Example: the 2003 English Rugby Team winning the Rugby world cup. They had a team full of leaders; a team full of leaders is a winning team. So, assume the position, ask to take on team leader responsibilities, prove you have the talent and hunger, make yourself the succession plan.

Q: What is the best way to motivate staff who are all home workers?

Howard: Making them feel part of organisation is crucial, regular webinars or skype calls as a team and for one-to-ones are good. Perhaps also a team blog that raises common issues, encourages interaction etc.

David: There are some great ways to create an inclusive virtual environment where people can flourish. Set up a project of engagement where the team fixes this for you reach. Include them, engage with them, think how you can further make them part of the local team. Ask them how they would like to be motivated and included. Coaching and structured 1-2-1s are really important. Set challenges, celebrate successes!

Q: Is it worthy to get Team Certificate like ISO 2000 to motivate people , Team brand and make them proud?

Howard: Absolutely – people respond well to joint effort towards a common goal and this is something to shout about – awards, certificates, all good.

David: It can certainly galvanise teams and produce amazing results. You have to make sure people are engaged and understand the road map/plans, expectations etc. Create emotional attachment, give responsibility, make them part of any such venture. Some great examples of what Service Desk Certification has done for teams and service.

Q: One of the drivers we have within my team is a League Table and the winner at the end of each quarter receive a day’s TOIL — is there anything else along these lines that you can recommend?

Howard: Add ‘personal’ competitions – who can bake the best cake, invent the best app, draw best picture….all good for team bonding.

David: It depends on your circumstances and what you want to encourage as an outcome. There are countless ways of building an engaging and inclusive rewards and recognition scheme. I would like to know if the current league table is KPI specific. Blending performance R&R with value add challenges gives people the opportunity to create and encourages free thinking. Building gamified R&R is a great way to encourage behaviours that wouldn’t normally be seen through  a KPI driven R&R. What outcomes do you want and work backwards. Get the team involved in creating your R&R V2!

Q: What is the Big Red Toolbox ‘deliverable’ from the SDI going to look like in the future?

Howard/David: Great question, more to come soon!!

Q: How to engage other IT divisions in sharing their knowledge with the Service Desk?

Howard: Use regular comms about issues that need joint work/response, invite to team open days, social events, send newsletter showing how they helped you help customers.

David: Now this can be a toughy, especially if other IT teams see it as a threat or if sharing/open is not part of the culture. Some people still see knowledge as power! It sounds like an opportunity to initiate a CSI project to understand how shift left activity can enhance the customer experience, process efficiencies, resolution time etc. Map out the benefits and engage at the right level. The sharing  works both ways so getting the IT teams to better understand what you do will also have benefits. Make it a no brainer; turn the benefits into a cost saving potential and evidence how the plan with better align the service to the businesses strategy.

Q: With Ann’s question in mind, we have a volunteering day available to staff where they can take one day per year to volunteer elsewhere

Howard: Brilliant! And publicise this to all

David: That’s great and shows your commitment to your people! A fantastic way to motivate and offer your people new and valuable learning experiences. Worth everyone investigating in the potential of such opportunities, giving something back to the local community can help increase you potential as a preferred employer which means a wider talent pool of potential employees.

 SDI can help you develop your people engagement strategies, if you’d like to know more contact or call us on 01689 889100

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