Talking Service Desk Benchmarking At ITSM15: Data And Changing Trends

At the recent itSMF UK conference I was invited to take part in the popular ‘All Things ITSM’ Podcast. By happy coincidence this came soon after the publication of the 2015 Service Desk Industry Benchmarking survey, so I had plenty to talk about.  Squeezing all of the findings of the report into 15 minutes would have been challenging – although tempting to try – so I decided to pick one finding that I thought was particularly interesting: Service desks are now relying more on data to gauge their performance.

Perhaps unsurprising at first, when compared to previous benchmarking reports (we run them every two years) another measure of performance had monopolised the top position since the very first report. A simple measure of service desk performance – asking customers how they think the service desk is performing.

So why the change? Why do service desks now prefer to use data to measure their performance? Take a look at the podcast where we take a closer look at what’s the likely cause of this emerging trend.

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