Tikit: Our Pursuit Of Service Excellence

By Becky Patterson, Deputy Support Manager, Tikit.   Gold Members of SDI since August 2016.


In the ever changing, fast-paced, service desk environment it is no longer enough to simply provide good customer service.  With customer retention high on most company agendas, providing an excellent customer experience is a key focus within most boardrooms.

At Tikit, we pride ourselves on the quality service that our Support team provides.

We regularly score over 95% on client satisfaction and I believe this is directly related to achieving ISO 9001 accreditation for the past 7 years.  Employee engagement is currently at 98% which helps us to retain and develop the best talent in the department.  We attend customer driven product focus groups to share our knowledge directly with our client base but, we want to do more.  We want to be even better.  And this is where the Service Desk Institute come in…

I stumbled across the Service Desk Institute whilst researching Customer Excellence training courses.

Our Support team is probably fairly typical of most service desks.  We have a good mix of experience, knowledge, youth and enthusiasm.   Finding training courses that benefit the whole team is usually a challenge but SDI’s Effective Communications Skills course appeared to fit the bill.   The course is centred on standard service desk cultures and professional standards.  For the first time our team had specific training on industry best practices including call management, effective questioning skills and self-development on personal communication styles.

Needless to say the training was a success.  The team were engaged throughout and eager to put their newly acquired techniques into practice.  Everyone felt the benefit from attending the course including our service desk mainstays who have been there, seen it and done it.  We’re now looking at potential courses for 2017 so that the team can continue the learning process.

But it doesn’t stop there.

Becoming a member of the SDI opens up many more opportunities to develop your team.   We’ve joined their LinkedIn Group that has almost 25,000 members sharing knowledge, principles and ideas.  It’s a fantastic resource that enables you to learn from like-minded people in different industry sectors and an area we’re actively participating in.

Looking towards 2017 we are keen to make full use of other services and opportunities that the Service Desk Institute can offer.  Service Desk Certification is high on our list.  We’re keen to identify areas where we can improve further and build on our reputation for delivering service excellence.

The IT Service & Support Awards are also on our radar.  A successful team is engaged and motivated so it’s important to recognise their successes.  The awards process would bring everyone together to receive the recognition that their hard work and commitment deserves.

We’ve decided not to rest on our laurels.  There is always room to improve and competitors are likely to be snapping at your heels.  Making small improvements to service delivery can have a huge positive impact and this is where the team at the Service Desk Institute can help.  It may just elevate your service desk from providing good customer service to delivering customer service excellence.

About The Author

Becky Patterson has over 24 years’ experience in cultivating customer service excellence.  Her passion began as a Travel Advisor, creating dream holiday itineraries for leisure travellers and arranging travel plans for local businesses.  She’s been the Deputy Support Manager at Tikit for the last 6 years, leading the team to achieve ISO 9001 accreditation for 7 consecutive years and maintaining a client satisfaction rating of over 95%.  You can connect with Becky via LinkedIn.


About Tikit

Tikit is one of the largest suppliers of technology solutions and services to legal, professional and accountancy firms, and is part of BT Group. Tikit’s client list totals more than 1,450 firms globally, including 90 of the UK’s top 100 law firms, over 600 UK mid-market firms, 250 US firms including over 60 Am Law firms, 14 of the top 25 ANZ law firms and 12 of the top 20 European law firms.  For more information about the company, go to www.tikit.com.


Not yet an SDI member?

As Becky and her team have found, being part of the SDI member community gives you access to a range of fantastic benefits and opportunities to develop your desk and help you in your own pursuit of service excellence.  Take a look at our range of membership packages and see how much you could save on SDI training, event places and conference tickets.

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